Healthcare is the best option available for scores of patients who require constant medical attention, care and rehabilitation. At Resicare we provide trained nurses, skilled patient care associates and physiotherapists with right fitment to attend to your needs at the comfort of your home.

Q. What are the benefits/Facilities?
We will provide separate PGs for boys and girls, food will be provided by the organization, travelling expenses and allowances also will be provided apart from Salary.

Q. What would be the working hour?
We have two formats: 12hrs and 24hrs.

Q. Is it a permanent job or a contractual job?
It’s a permanent job.

Q. Employee safety (At PG and at Client place)
We have separate PGs for Male and Female staff, we conduct back groud verification for all our employees (service and non service both). The team leader goes along with the staff for few initial days to the client place.

Q.No of leaves?
2 earned leaves per month. In case the candidate is deployed Sunday won’t be a leave; for idle staff Saturday – half day and Sunday will be a week off apart from the earned leave.

Q. What are all the deductions in terms of salary?
PF and ESIC, Nominal charges for food in case the staff is idle.


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